by flambardblog

Flambard Press very much regrets that their small publishing company will end in 2012. But we have been supported and encouraged for over twenty years, first by Northern Arts and then by Arts Council North East, and we are grateful.

Obviously we are sorry that new writers will now have fewer outlets available to them. In the more than 120 books we have published we have given special consideration to northern writers and new writers.

The majority of our poetry collections have been first books for their authors. We have published novels and short-story collections that were unusual and fell outside the ‘Pile ’em high and sell ’em cheap’ range of books.

We have always regarded Flambard as a miniature publisher with all the professionalism that we could achieve, and have offered a great deal of individual care for our writers.

Over the years we have benefitted from the skills of many local artists, designers and photographers, and we appreciate the contribution they have made to the fine appearance of our books.

It is our strong belief that the cultural strength of the UK needs to be based in small, creative endeavours that give new practitioners a chance to thrive. Generous funding of the arts in recent years has allowed this to happen. We hope that future financial restraint will not curtail an artistic flowering that has not only brought joy to the spirit, but many billions of pounds to the coffers of UK plc.