Wales Book of the Year 2011

by flambardblog



Huge congratulations to Flambard writer Gladys Mary Coles, whose debut novel Clay has made the long-list for English-language books for the Wales Book of Year. The awards, worth £10,000 to the winners, are presented to the authors of the best books of the year in English and Welsh.

Already well known as a poet and historian, Gladys Mary has produced a stunning work of fiction that makes use of both of these talents. Set during and in the aftermath of the First World War and amongst the Merseyside Welsh community, Clay brings to life the fictional William Manderson and charts the experiences that shape a war poet. Recent reviews can be read here and here.

Books are available from Inpress and other online bookshops.

Congratulations to all the writers on the long-list, which can be seen here.