Crossing the Lines

by flambardblog

It can be rewarding and revealing to gain an understanding of how people from different countries and cultures view your home country and reading about their impressions and experiences can make you reflect on your own view of the world. Crossing the Lines, which has just arrived in neatly packaged boxes from our Glasgow-based printer, brings together fourteen original and diverse stories by international students from all across the globe. The writers were invited to share their experiences of life in the UK – a starting point that produced widely varied results both in terms of what they chose to write about and the style of their writing.

It’s a fascinating collection, edited by Jackie Kay and Kachi A. Ozumba, where stories ranging from first love and the forging of new friendships sit alongside others about the blossoming of sexuality and experiments with drugs. Many of students, who come from Australia, South Africa, the US and Malaysia and many other countries, write about the unpredictable British weather. There is comedy mingled with loneliness and alienation, as well as the fear and excitement that comes with new discoveries.

Crossing the Lines is available to buy at Inpress and other online retailers and is published in association with the Newcastle Centre for Literary Arts at Newcastle University.