Crossing the Lines

by flambardblog

Crossing the Lines, published in collaboration with NCLA (Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts), is an anthology of new writing by international students.

Pieces in this collection range from endearing recollections of new love in a foreign land, to thought-provoking discussions of what it means to be an international student and straddle two separate cultures and lifestyles; from visualisations of a disturbing not-too-distant future, to witty depictions of being gay and  from a primarily Islamic nation.

With writers hailing from as far afield as Malaysia and Nigeria, amongst numerous others, the wide variety of voices in this book ensures that there is something for everybody. Lucille Valentine’s ‘Stopping to Catch Snow on my Tongue’ and Ahnaf Adbul’s ‘Day Thirty-Six’ are just some of the stand-out pieces of this enlightening and heart-warming collection.

Editors Jackie Kay and Kachi Ozumba are both celebrated writers in their own right, the former being awarded an MBE for services to literature in 2006, and the latter being shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize in 2009 for his debut novel The Shadow of a Smile.  

This collection comes highly recommended, whether you are an international student, or simply a lover of good writing.Crossing the Lines is available from , high-street retailers and other online outlets.


by Cara-Anne Hutchinson