Dreamcatcher review of Winged with Death

by flambardblog

There’s an excellent, informative review of John Baker’s brilliant novel Winged With Death in Dreamcatcher 24, written by Aiden O’Reilly. Here’s a short extract from the review:

‘John Baker’s  prose achieves the almost impossible task of being as plot-driven as a thriller yet steeped in philosophy; an adventure story yet a sustained reflection on how to live life more fully. It is beautifully written, a tango of thought and action, its true power not apparent at first sight.  This novel deserves a place in every backpacker’s pocket and on every thinking man’s bookshelf.’

John’s novel, which we published in 2009, follows the fortunes of 18-year-old Frederick Boyle who travels to Montevideo, Uruguay in the early 70s where he assumes a new identity and discovers the tango. It’s a novel that works on many layers, drawing the reader into the world of the Uruguayan resistance movement and the intricacies of dance.

You can read more about Winged with Death here. Dreamcatcher is also highly recommended and can be found here.