Leap-year reading

If you’re in London, you can catch Rowena Macdonald reading from her new book Smoked Meat at the gorgeous Broadway Bookshop, 6 Broadway Market, Hackney, E8 4QJ on Wednesday, 29 February at 7 p.m. Please contact the shop for more details.

Smoked Meat has just been reviewed on excellent women’s fiction website Novelicious. Writing about Rowena’s creative method of writing linked short stories, reviewer Amanda Keats noted that  ‘Macdonald manages to build a bigger picture of what makes people move from one city to another, what makes them accept their lives and what makes them finally say that they’ve had enough and want better‘, continuing that ‘Smoked Meat is an enjoyable and easy read – though not remotely patronising. It would be ideal for the commute or for a holiday read as it’s very easy to dip in and out of.’ The full review can be read here.

If this sounds your kind of thing, you can download Smoked Meat for your Kindle here, buy from your local high-street bookshop or from our sales partners at Inpress.