Another Strange Horses review

by flambardblog

Olivia Byard’s Strange Horses has been reviewed on the Poor Rude Lines poetry blog. The in-depth and elegant review includes the lines:

This is a dark, painful collection of poems. However, there is nothing self-indulgent here. Byard muses on the lives of animals (Auden’s torturer’s horse from his Musée des Beaux Arts) and the English landscape, as well as upon our mortality. Strange Horses is a walk through a cutting breeze on a beautiful winter’s day. Your cheeks may smart by the fire afterwards but you’ll be glad that you momentarily stepped into the cold. ‘

The rest of the review is here. Please have a look at this excellent poetry blog – it’s full of fascinating writing and is strongly recommended.

Olivia’s second collection can be bought from Inpress and other retailers.